Description of Picture.Located in Melbourne, Australia, and my background is in both mechanics and electronics.

I discovered 3D printing in my retirement and see that it, along with the modern design tools available today, can be provide great opportunities to have fun and, hopefull, do some good along the way.

So in essence,  I’m just a retired old fart who likes to learn and play with new technology.  

I don't usually look this good but I'd just fixed the gas griller in the caravan. On lighting the griller, I had a small accident (Notice the great hair style). The sharing caring wife doesn't say, "I'll get the first aid kit" or even "Are you ok?". No its "Wait till I go and get a camera". This is the result.

Says it all.

One thing I learnt late in life, "always look on the bright side of life." and "You're never to old to learn something new." .