Amateur Radio Materal

AR Reference sheet The reference sheet contains materail on frequencies, Q codes, States and other handy data. The shaded areas in the frequency tables shows common areas for cross licence talking. Print double sided. Click here
Foundation Overview   Click here
Foundation Manual Ed 2 This is a scanned copy of the older Foundation Manual edition 2 for training. The manual is upto Edition 3. Click here
Foundation Manual Supplement This is a supplement to Edition 3 of the Foundation Manual. Click here
Foundation Syllabus   Click here
Foundation Practical Material This is intended to help prepare the Foundation candidate for the practical part of the exam. Click here
Foundation Ohms Law Practice Ohms law questions. When done, request an answer sheet. Click here
Foundation Safety This is an extract for training purposes as Foundation operators can now repiar and modify their own equipment. IMPORTANT Click here
Foundation Q Code Practice  When done, request an answer sheet. Click here
Trial Foundation Exam This is a 80 question practice paper.  When done, request an answer sheet. Click here
Previous Foundation Exam Answers in the exam. Click here
Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Apparatus Licence) Determination 2015 This is the regilations reference material.  Click here