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The intention for this site is to provide a place where technical ideas from the community are encouraged, explored and developed.
Where projects can take seed and grow.

Behind the site, there is a world of experience and knowledge freely willing and able to assist guide and mentor inventive ideas.
Wishfully, the result of these ideas and projects is to, in some little way, make the world a better and safer place.

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Arthritis Kitchen Knife Adapter

My wife has difficulty in the kitchen cutting hard vegetables like carrots. The existing arthritis knives have a good grip but seem to rely heavily on a strong wrist to control the blade. I designed a knife adapter which can be 3D printed, uses a common kitchen knife as the cutting blade and uses the heel of the palm as the pressure applier to the knife. The adapter is designed so it can be used by either left or right dominant hand user.

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Versatile Elbow Operated Gripper (VEOG) Version 3

The VEOG  (Pronounced: Vee-O-Gee) is a digression from the existing aid designs in that it does not attempt to look like a normal hand. The rationale for the VEOG is that the aid can provide the user with some added control over the gripping of items and still be produced on the smaller 3D printer.

The intention is for the VEOG to be a supplement to the currently available elbow operated aids and the printable files, Version 2,  is now available open source on Thingiverse.

Main Features of the VEOG V3

  • Better positive grip.
  • Grips can be more easily locked.
  • Gripper rotatable 90 degrees.
  • Ambidextrous. Fits either left or right
  • Adult size gripper can be produced on a smaller bed printer.                             
  • Lighter than V1 (only 433 grams)

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