VEOG Version 3

The idea for the VEOG evolved as previous recipients stated the device didn't rotate or have a positive grip in some situations.

Version 1 was tested and critiqued with the result the device in its current form was left wanting. Version  2 and now Version 3 is an

improved device incorporating all suggested changes.

VEOG was conceived and designed with Design Spark Mechanical, sliced with Cura and printed on a Crealty Ender 3 printer.

All ready for trials.I can supply metal parts for the first five testers who build the VEOG.
Contact me at my email address to give me your mailing details.


Arduino Lids

Ebook reader stand

Ender 3 Extruder Knob

Marine Sentinel

This project, based on Arduino Uno, is a sensory system for a petrol powered motor cruiser. It detects hydrocarbons fumes, carbon monoxide, bilge depth and monitors water flow through the engine. This was a big project and is working well. I need to follow up with the documentation but that's coming soon.