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My call sign is VK3JFP and my location is QF22hc (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). First licence issue was in 1982.
WIA member No. 501476



Australian Amateur Licence Required Examinations
Theory Level Practical
(Only done once at first entry level)
(Only done once at levels higher than Foundation)
Foundation Foundation Practical Not applicable
Standard Standard Practical Regulations
Advanced Advanced Practical Regulations
Yin and yang - Wikipedia
Amateur Radio Tool Box
Amateur Radio  Reference sheet --The reference sheet contains  Frequencies , Q codes, States and other handy data.
Amateur Radio Refernce sheet . Same as above but without the frequencies.
Amateur Frequencies, Bandwidths & Limitations.-- Frequency data compiled from the LCD and Australian Band Plan
Electronic Glossary -- Electronic and engineering terms database..
Foundation Licence

Zero to Foundation
17 chapters with questions and answers
  Practical  Assessment  


All applicants for an Australian amateur radio licence must undertake the practical assessment once to hold a licence. No matter what level licence you undertake as your first licence, you need to complete the practical assessment to be granted your licence.

The exanimation contains 15 Sections and is currently set by the Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA).

 ACMA charge a fee for examination and this requires a 100% pass.

Zero to Practical
15 sections with questions and answers
Updated with questions and answers
Standard Licence

My recommendation is to sit the advanced exam instead of the standard. The syllabus is slightly different but, for either standard or advanced, a pass in the regulations is required.
The advantage of advanced over standard is that the advanced licence has access to 28 amateur radio bands and the standard has access to 11 amateur radio bands. Power with a standard licence is limited to 100 watts in two modes while the advanced is limited at 400 watts in three modes.
The choice is always yours.
Standard Syllabus Standard syllabus from the Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA)
Standard Licence Practice Exam 1 Trial exam with Amateur Radio Victoria (ARV) Trial 1
Standard Licence Practice Exam 2 Trial exam with Amateur Radio Victoria (ARV) Trial 2
Advanced Licence

Preparing for your Advanced theory licence exam can seem a huge challenge so I developed some online training material to help you in your preparation.

Zero to Advanced
21 lessons with questions and answers.

The Regulations exam must be sat if you are planning on gaining your Standard or Advanced licence..

Zero to Regulations
8 parts with questions and answers
Updated with questions and answers
Morse Code
-- --- .-. ... . ....... -.-. --- -.. .

Morse code is not a requirement for any Australian amateur radio licence but it is fun to learn.
Did you know there is a local net for you to practice, no matter what your speed?
Tune into the CQ QRS Net

Click on the morse key for more information.

Fun Fact

A dash is 3 time units. The space between symbols (dots and dashes) of the same letter is 1 time unit. The space between letters is 3 time units. The space between words is 7 time units. A time unit is based on the period for the dot.
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